Hands on: Samsung QN90B Neo QLED 4K TV review

Samsung’s QN90B Neo QLED TV series is the second-tier 4K option in the company’s QLED lineup, positioning itself among the top sets of the QN95B and QN85B series. And while we don’t consider the QN90B series to be cost-effective, it is priced significantly lower than the QN95B sets, offering many of the same features and technological innovations the company has introduced for 2022.

Chief among these is something Samsung calls the Shape Adaptive Light Control System — basically a fancy name for processing that modulates the intensity of specific local dimming zones in the device’s mini-LED backlight to minimize “bloom” artifacts. And while the QN90B series must make do with just having a 4K Neo Quantum processor with “deep learning” instead of the “neural networks” found on the flagship, it does have Samsung’s new Real Depth Enhancer, a feature designed to provide a Enhanced sense of 3D Visual Space.

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