The best eco-friendly running shoes 2022

In today’s ecologically troubled times, choosing the best eco-friendly running shoes over standard sneakers isn’t just a good idea – it’s a must. Runners who care about the environment can and should pay attention to the carbon footprint of their equipment. By choosing your next pair of sneakers from the eco-friendly lot below, you can guarantee that you won’t contribute to the end of the planet, or at the very least, your impact will be less severe.

It doesn’t take a lot of equipment to start running, but a good pair of running shoes is an absolute must. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever – particularly if you’re riding a lot of miles – and due to foam degradation, shoes will need to be replaced once you hit the 3-400 mile mark. And that’s just the foam; other parts of the shoes, such as the upper or sole, can wear out even earlier.

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